Healthcare Advocacy via Telemedicine

Healthcare Advocacy

The medical system is hard to navigate. My Telemedicine Doctor has specialized health advocates available for assistance with everything from second opinions to helping you find the right kind of specialist for your needs. What is Healthcare Advocacy via MyTelemedicine? MyTelemedicine’s healthcare advocacy is your partner, building solutions centered around each unique individuals needs. MyTelemedicine …

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My Telemedicine Doctor


Who has time to sit in an urgent care clinic and expose themselves to infectious diseases? The medical system is challenging to navigate and finding the right kind of care and diagnosis should never be left to the internet. This Telehealth plan is not only inexpensive, it also has a huge variety of services to …

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Message a Medical Specialist via Telemedicine

My Telemedicine Expert Advice

Feeling lost about a diagnosis? Do you need help understanding a medication you have been prescribed? What if you had access 24/7 to various medical specialists that could answer your questions and help you navigate your next steps? Now you and your whole clan can have access to this service TODAY.