Self-Motivation: Developing Emotional Intelligence Stage 3

Development of emotional intelligence is essential for success in all kinds of relationships. This blog series will outline the stages of emotional intelligence development. This post focuses on stage three, Self Motivation. Stages to Emotional Intelligence Development Self-Awareness: Acknowledging and coming to terms with personal strengths, weaknesses, bias and attitudes Personal Emotional Regulation: Learning to self sooth and mindful of feelings Self-Motivation: Internal …

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Emotional Intelligence Basics


What Is Emotional Intelligence (EI)? EI is the dimension of intelligence responsible for our ability to regulate our internal emotional self and our responses to emotions. This includes the skills that drive our internal world as well as our response to the external world Two components of Emotional Intelligence There are two components to EI, …

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Amazonian Leadership Principles: What Makes a Good Leader?

leadership principles

What Makes a Good Leader? Based upon her Wonder Woman Leadership lecture series, The “Amazonian Leadership Principles” are listed below. These principles are found in successful leaders. Look in to yourself and ask, do I have these skills? If not, then the Wonder Woman Leadership Series might be just what you need. Leadership Principle 1: …

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