Fear Setting for Stress Reduction

Fear Setting for Stress Reduction Fear setting is an amazing tool that can be used to get over almost any kind of fear or doubt in your mind. Mental health professionals, self-help gurus and productivity experts recommend it as a means to get over fears of taking chances. For example, if you are someone who …

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Primal Scream Therapy … Pseudoscience or Genius?!

primal scream

Have you ever screamed … out loud? Not sitting in grid-locked traffic, not at your partner arguing over who locked the keys in the car, but a raw, guttural, agonizing scream that came from somewhere deep inside you, that you have become totally disconnected from? A scream so jagged and saturated in pain, that the very release of it left you completely numb and void of every other human emotion? It felt almost PRIMAL!

Be As Loud As You Want With The Scream Box … No One Will Know!

Scream Box

What is a Scream Box? When is the last time you let out a massive scream?  I mean a raw, guttural, emotionally charged & intense scream!  The kind that leaves you with sweat on your brow, your skin tingling with electricity and ultimately, totally emotionally spent?!  Yeah … THAT kind of scream!  Felt good right?  …

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Buddha Board Therapy

Buddha Board

What is Buddha Board Therapy? When is the last time you did anything that was intentional in helping to soothe yourself?  Be honest here!  And I’m not talking about going out and letting off steam … I’m talking about truly and authentically taking some action in doing something that actually helped to ‘bring you back …

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