Self-Soothing Activities

Struggling with coming up with ideas to help you through big emotions? Below is a list of Self-Soothing tools that you can use almost anywhere.

Therapist Nicki Explains How to Build a Self Soothe Kit

Self-Soothing Tools

  • Move your body
  • Walk outside
  • Ground Yourself with your 5 senses
  • Swing on a swing set or rock in a chair
  • Allow the feelings to flow through you with breathing
  • Ask for a hug
  • Scream alone in a room
  • Tap or drum rhythmically
  • Count
  • Ask for Support
  • Do 25 pushups
  • Drink a cold drink or take a cold shower
  • Vent to a safe person
  • Process your feelings via journaling, meditation, etc.
  • Acknowledge your thoughts and validate your experience

Self-Soothing Devices

break down stress

Feeling Overwhelmed S.N.A.C.K.

S Stop whatever you are doing immediately

N Notice your five senses and ground yourself

A Accept the parts that you cannot control

C Curiosity, ask yourself questions about your experience in this moment

K Kindness, consider being kind to yourself and understand that it is ok to have this feeling and it will pass

emotional regulation

emotional regulation

Grounding Yourself Via Your Senses

  • Sight
  • Sound Smell
  • Touch
  • Taste Kinesthetic
  • Color, look at art, focus on a single point in the room and focus on your breath
  • Listen to music, sing, beat a drum
  • Light a scented candle, sniff some essential oil, or bake something yummy
  • Take a warm bath or shower, wear soft and/or comfortable clothes, pet a (willing) animal
  • Sip herbal tea such as chamomile, suck on a lollipop or mint, chew gum
  • Rock in a rocking chair, go for a gentle stroll, play with a fidget toy, do some stretches
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