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What are Pervertables and the Pros of Using Them? By Therapist Nicki

So this is one of my favorite topics, prevertables. A prevertable is taking an everyday average object and using it for sex play. I have several videos giving examples at various stores from the Dollar Tree to Rocketfizz (a candy store).  Some simple pervertables are spatulas, neck ties, and wooden spoons.  I love pervertables because it allows for you to be creative with objects in a sexual environment. One of the most interesting pervertables I have seen is a glass swizzle stick used for urethral sounding. Urethral sounding involves inserting a toy into the urethra.  Below are some of the  Pros for using prevertables.

  1. Low Cost. They are relatively inexpensive. You can go to the dollar store and spend $5 to get several items for a play scene.
  2. Discretion. These are everyday objects so they can hide in plain sight. Your mother could come over and see a set of wooden spoons in the bedroom or living room and it would not raise questions about your bedroom life.
  3. Discardable.  Pervertables are usually so inexpensive that if they get particular bodily fluids on them you are throw them without the financial guilt.
  4. Notoriety. If you take a unique item to a party you will get noticed such as a rubber chicken or electric fly swatter.
  5. Easy to Find. Pervertables are EVERYWHERE. Look at the items in your room and imagine how they would feel on your skin or sensation they could bring to your sex play. What kind of sensation they would create if they were applied to given parts of the body, be it a nipple, a muscle, genitals — anywhere?
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Just remember that pervertables are, by their very nature, not designed for sex play. Be aware of the possible risks — if an adapted toy were to break or splinter while in use, for example — and plan accordingly. R.A.C.K. Risk Aware Consensual Kink.

Below are the links to the various videos we have for pervertables.


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