Pagans Finding Recovery

Pagans Finding Recovery groups is difficult and can be confusing at times. Just like in the non-Pagan community, sometimes Pagans find themselves battling addiction and treatment. However, many popular recovery plans are often aimed at those who follow a Judeo-Christian philosophy, such AA or NA. Often, asking Judeo-Christian God for assistance, as well as atonement for “sins.”  Individuals on a Pagan path may not find this approach valid. As a result they will steer clear or hide in these groups.

If you’re a Pagan, you may find yourself feeling less than comfortable joining a support group that follows these ideologies—and let’s face it, it’s hard to find a Pagan recovery group. However, you can find them if you search. You can find several books and websites dedicated to Pagans recovering from addiction. This lecture points to some of them.

Finally, most Pagan spiritual paths encourage balance, harmony, and personal responsibility, for some Pagans, recovery is more than just “getting better.” It becomes a part of the spiritual practice itself. For a lot of Pagans struggling with addiction, the problem lies not in the twelve-step program itself, but in the interpretation of the twelve steps.

The of books available for Pagans Finding Recovery from dependence and addiction include:

For online resources, check out some of these Pagan-focused support groups:

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In addition, more and more hospitals and medical facilities are offering Pagan chaplaincies. You may wish to find a local Pagan hospital chaplain who can refer you to the treatment program which bests suits your needs.

Finally, many Unitarian Universalist Churches offer Pagan-friendly recovery support group meetings. Check with your local UU Church to see if this is an option in your area.

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