Clinical Sexologist and Director of Student Services

Nicki Line aka Therapist Nicki is a pioneer in her brand of holistic mental health treatment. After spending over a decade looking at cookie cutter plans of treatment she looks at the whole person and the system they are living in and finds a plan to create balance and harmony. She is also known as the Healing Unicorn using creative methods to clean out old wounds so they can heal and allow for them to thrive.

Therapist Nicki is a clinical sexologist specializing in kink and alternative relationships such as polyamory, relationship specialist, traumatologist ,and addictionologist. She works with eating disorders, law enforcement, and military personnel. Therapist Nicki works with individuals, children, adolescents, relationships, and families.

Therapist Nicki brings her unique sense of humor and style to each session. You will often she her co therapist, Dark Prince Hairy, eager to aid in the healing process as well.  Let Therapist Nicki teach you the magic of healing so you can be your own unicorn/hero in your story.

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Instagram: @therapistnicki

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License Numbers: Mental Health Georgia: APC 005409 | Sex therapy Georgia: 049 | Mental Health Florida: MH16683 
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