Message a Medical Specialist via Telemedicine

Feeling lost about a diagnosis? Do you need help understanding the risks of some medication you have been prescribed? What if you had access 24/7 to various medical specialists that could answer all your questions? Now you and your whole clan (up to 8 people) can have access to this service with a simple and inexpensive telemedicine plan. Telehealth is the fastest way to get your immediate medical needs met (for minor non emergency medical issues).

What is Message a Specialist via MyTelemedicine?

My Telemedicine gives individuals and their family members unlimited email access to boards certified physicians, psychologists, ophthalmologists, pharmacists, dentists, dietitians, and fitness experts who provide personal answers to all health related questions. Individuals now have the ability to easily get their questions answered and receive the confidential support they need to effectively execute critical heath decisions, avoid unnecessary office visits, save time, and money.


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