Dear Event Producer,

My name is Dr. Patsy Evans aka Dr. Harmony. I am a clinical sexologist specializing in kink. It is important to our team at https://harmonyusinc.com to help the kink community access resources and kink education. I am contacting you because our team has developed two free directories that I want to share with you.

We also made the movie Kink Phobia to educate clinical professionals on the importance of kink education.

1) kinkyevents.info is our free event listing. We may have added your event as a courtesy, however, we want to make sure that all the information is correct. We are asking that you take a moment to claim your listing on the website and correct any information we may have made an error on. Feel free to add as many other events as you wish. Also feel free to pass this on as we desire to have as many events as possible. We maintain the directory and are handling all of the marketing costs and such.

2) We understand the importance of having Kink Aware providers for our community. We have also developed a free directory for this. https://kinkawarepolyaware.com/ is also a free directory. Please feel free to share this directory and have kink aware providers add their information on here.

We appreciate you and your events!!! Thanks for reading this! Dr. Harmony