VIP Concierge Services

Concierge Therapy*

Services Include:

Peace of mind that we are there for you when or where you need us

Concierge therapy means we give you priority appointment times. You move to the front of the waiting list as a new client. Even if you don’t have an appointment we will fit you in within 48 hours of contact if you need to talk.

24/7 accesses to your therapist via Private Phone Number

In Person Mental Health advocacy for inpatient hospitalizations (Tampa Bay area only unless travel expenses and per diem covered)

You receive priority email replies.

Off business hour appointments are available to you.

Want to run something by us? We will get back to you within 24 hours.

Includes 3 one hour sessions $100 charge per clinical hour following the first three ($100 savings per hour)

Services cannot be combined with other offers, discount plans, or insurance.

No extra charges for letters, emails or reports

Concierge Text Services*

If you need to contact your therapist outside of session for a concern or issue and you cannot afford the VIP Concierge service. You will benefit from the Harmony Concierge Texting service.

This has a multitude of applications such as reality checking for addiction, working through in the moment anxiety, or needing to reach out for support.

Services Include:

  • Concierge Texting means we will provide answers to your query within a few hours of you sending a secure message over a HIPPA compliant platform from 10am to 8pm. Please keep in mind the therapists’ work schedules and private lives may interfere with answering right away.
*Insurance does not cover specialty programs
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