Counseling Intensives

Intensive counseling is a powerful model of therapeutic intervention.

Intensive counseling is a 4 hour block of time dedicated to the educational, practical, and concentrated process of counseling with the work of one or two co-therapists.

Intensive co-counseling may best be understood in contrast to traditional counseling where appointments are scheduled in 50 minute sessions.

  • Time Limited – Traditional counseling has no predetermined endpoint and can be sporadic, unfocused and inefficient. Typically three hour sessions build upon one another, both client and counselor gain clarity and tremendous focus.
  • Goal Driven – Traditional counseling can take weeks or months to establish clear goals and a realistic plan. We work with clients in advance to establish clear goals before, during and after the intensive. Intensive counseling allows the counselor to “begin with the end in mind” in a way that is virtually impossible with traditional counseling.
  • Depth Oriented – Depth oriented counseling deals with issues below the waterline–motives and purposes of the heart which are frequently outside our awareness. Traditional counseling may or may not be depth oriented. Even in cases where it is, the course of counseling can last anywhere from six months to several years. Intensive counseling addresses core issues below the waterline in a matter of days.
  • Highly Concentrated – A concentrated substance–like orange juice or dishwashing liquid–has had all non-essential ingredients removed. In the same way, intensive counseling removes all “non-essential ingredients” for the duration of the intensive. By stepping away from normal routines and responsibilities–like work, family and managing day to day life, clients are able to bring all their resources and strengths to bear upon their situation.
  • Multiple points of view– traditional counseling typically only has one therapist. In intensive co-counseling you will have the benefit of at least two therapists with different points of view.

The overall benefit of intensive counseling is that participants can make extraordinary gains in a relatively short period of time. In fact, many alumni of our intensive counseling programs report “life changing breakthrough” as a result of their experience with intensive counseling.

Other benefits may include:

  • Addressing and significantly healing
  • Identifying and treating addictions at the root level.
  • Restoring and strengthening broken
  • Preventing divorce when all other options appear to be exhausted.
  • Cultivating one’s capacity for intimacy with self and others.
  • Learning paradigms and practices to help sustain vitality and joy.
  • Strategic family planning.

The in-depth format of a intensive allows families, couples and individuals to meet in half day blocks over one or two weeks in order to focus on the critical life issues at hand.

  • Participants meet approximately 4 hour sessions with one or two therapists tailored to address the needs of your individual situation.
  • Extended time away from normal pressures and responsibilities creates an environment to significantly address issues in a short amount of time.
  • Daily assignments or other exercises are given for outside of session homework.
  • Intensive focus creates the opportunity to move forward with clarity, direction, renewed purpose and substantial healing of issues and wounds.
  • Each intensive is designed with ample time to explore personal and relational issues outlined in goals.

Nearly one thousand men and women from a variety of backgrounds have taken advantage of the intensive format.

  • pastors and ministers, parachurch leaders, missionaries
  • retired and active duty military personnel
  • physicians and healthcare workers
  • first responders such as firefighters and police officers
  • executives, entrepreneurs and business persons
  • motivated laypersons of any kind

Attendees generally fall into one of two categories: those who need a tune-up and those who need an overhaul. Issues addressed have included the need for healing from:

  • marital issues such as conflict, communication or intimacy
  • adultery, sexual addiction or struggles with pornography
  • difficulties with intimacy
  • burnout and exhaustion from life, work, spiritual abuse or feelings of disillusionment

Others attend an intensive because they have a longing for more. Instead of an overhaul they need a “tune-up.” Some of these issues have included:

  • strengthening or deepening intimacy in an already good marriage
  • spiritual direction and/or deepening intimacy with self
  • understanding barriers to living fully alive and engaged

We personally tailor every intensive to your unique situation–no cookie cutter programs and no hoops to jump through.

  • We quickly foster an atmosphere of safety and grace that facilitates deep change, healing and renewal.
  • We typically use two therapists or more to help gain a better understanding of the issues and to have multiple points of view.
  • We provide self soothing skills, decompression for stress, a safe environment designed to promote security and healing.



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