Court Assessments and Appearance

The primary focus of the therapist going to court is the client’s welfare and treatment is implemented for the benefit of the client. In other cases, a relationship or family unit may be the identified client or may be the participants in counseling, but the goal may be to reduce conflict or promote behavior change for the benefit of the child (e.g., co-parenting or conjoint/reunification therapy).

We do realize there will be times a therapist is called upon to go to court or conduct assessments for various reasons such as expert testimony or recommendations.

If the therapist is called to attend court or to provide an assessment there is a separate fee of $450 per hour. This includes and not limited to the interviews, waiting to be called to the stand, research and preparing the case for court, travel costs, etc.

Assessments include:

Psychological Assessment

Drug & Alcohol Assessment

Risk Assessment

Behavioral Assessment

Mental Health Examine

Personality Assessment

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