Alternative Sexualities

By Melayne Spataro There are numerous sexualities that exist in the world but the most common tend to be straight and gay/lesbian. The list goes why beyond just those and goes beyond just gender. To have an alternative sexuality means to be something other than a heterosexual or a homosexual. The list of alternative sexualities …

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Ask a Sexpert- What are Pervertables and the Pros of Using Them? By Therapist Nicki So this is one of my favorite topics, prevertables. A prevertable is taking an everyday average object and using it for sex play. I have several videos giving examples at various stores from the Dollar Tree to Rocketfizz (a candy …

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Parents Found Out I am into BDSM

Ask a Sexpert By: Therapist Nicki Question: I am an 18 year old and my parents found out I am into BDSM. They insist BDSM is demented and only “crazy people” engage in it. What do I do? Number one is you are not “crazy” or “demented” for engaging in BDSM and you are a …

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