Alternative Sexualities

By Melayne Spataro There are numerous sexualities that exist in the world but the most common tend to be straight and gay/lesbian. The list goes why beyond just those and goes beyond just gender. To have an alternative sexuality means to be something other than a heterosexual or a homosexual. The list of alternative sexualities …

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The Brooklyn 99 Relationship House

The Brooklyn 99 Relationship House By: Therapist Nicki Over the past couple weeks I have been watching Brooklyn Nine Nine (99), follows the exploits of hilarious Det. Jake Peralta and his diverse, lovable colleagues as they police the NYPD’s 99th Precinct. While consuming the show I noticed how the characters formed a chosen family displaying …

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Parents Found Out I am into BDSM

Ask a Sexpert By: Therapist Nicki Question: I am an 18 year old and my parents found out I am into BDSM. They insist BDSM is demented and only “crazy people” engage in it. What do I do? Number one is you are not “crazy” or “demented” for engaging in BDSM and you are a …

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Episode1 part2: All in the Family

Family dynamics is huge in the Supernatural Universe and Pilot gives us the first glimpse into the dysfunction of the Winchesters. For starters Sam has not spoken with his brother since he left for college after he and his dad had an awful fight. Sam remembers his father rejecting him for wanting to leave the …

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