Emotional Command Centers

What are Emotional Command Centers? According to John Gottman Emotional Command Centers: The emotional command systems are the tracks on which your emotions run. The seven emotional command systems and what they’re responsible for are: Jester: play and fun. Sensualist: attraction and lust. Nest-Builder: affiliation, friendship, care, and nurturing. John Gottman I also add the …

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Self Esteem and Teens

Sand Tray Therapy

Despite the brooding and the mood swings a teenagers’ self esteem is more fragile than you think.  There are a great many factors that can undermine a teenager’s ability to build their self confidence. For example, factors ranging from academic issues, poor social interaction and dealing with developing one’s own unique identity while trying to …

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Polyamory and Pregnancy: 5 Questions to Ask

Poly Pregnancy

Pregnancy in poly relationships (polyamorous) can be a time of great joy or a time of huge stress. Asking certain questions before and during the pregnancy are important. Displayed below are 5 key questions to ask during this important conversation.