Finding Help in the Mental Health Community

By Melayne Spataro Within recent years, the topic of mental health has become more talked about than it previously has. I think this is because people are more willing to talk about the things they are going through and are willing to talk to someone else about it. For such a long time, it was …

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Alternative Sexualities

By Melayne Spataro There are numerous sexualities that exist in the world but the most common tend to be straight and gay/lesbian. The list goes why beyond just those and goes beyond just gender. To have an alternative sexuality means to be something other than a heterosexual or a homosexual. The list of alternative sexualities …

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The Meaning of the Word ‘Gay’

by Melayne Spataro Though there are a few ways that define what gay means, one is more accurate than the others. The more accurate definition of the word gay is someone who is homosexual and is usually for someone who is a man, though women do use the word to describe themselves. Though the word …

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Politics and Mental Health

By Melayne Spataro Politics and mental health aren’t necessarily two words that are often used positively when in the same sentence. There are different versions of politics that affect mental health, including a country’s political climate and the politics of how someone is treated because of their mental health or for who they are. A …

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Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and Covid-19

by Melayne Spataro With COVID having caused things in the world to change, it’s likely that people’s needs have also changed. Because of COVID and the outcomes of COVID, at least one of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs can and could get a bit shaken, in some way, shape, or form. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs starts …

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Two Herbs that Help with Mental Distress

We often hear of how well plants, especially herbs, can help increase the effectiveness of the body’s immune system. Mental distress is often caused by an imbalance in part of the brain. While no herbs can completely cure a mental disorder, there are some that can help alleviate the most distressful symptoms. Following are two …

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