Fathers Raising Boys That Feel Safe To Feel

Many men are taught “not to feel” growing up yet choose another way when raising their own children. My husband is one of these men, and this is our story. 


Managing Big Feelings

I’m reminded of the power of our listening and rather than punishment by this video a member mama sent in. It’s of her 4 yo who has been struggling with impulse control issues and some pretty big and hard to understand feelings since her par…

Six Ways To Intentionally Raise Kind Children

Research shows that more than 90 percent of American parents say that one of their top priorities is to raise kind children. Here are 5 tips to intentionally raising kind children.


Raising Awake Children in the Age of Black Lives Matter

Our country is standing at a pivoting point. #BlackLivesMatter is the anthem and our nation is singing in the face of injustice. For all lives to matter, black lives must matter. 


To My Children

To my children, without you … Our house would be clean and organized yet there would be no handprints on the glass to remind me of your littleness. Our home would be quiet yet it would also be void of your giggles and play.


5 Sensory Activities Better Than Slime

I am no Pinterest mom. Let’s start there. But when I saw a picture of a kiddo playing in a tub of colored noodles, it intrigued me. As an occupational therapist, sensory integration is my jam. Unfortunately, the noodles turned out to be one colossal fail. Here are 5 sensory activities that won’t let you down. 


Why This Three-Year-Old’s Video On Skin Color Needs To Go Viral

As an African American woman married to a white man, Ebony and her husband Michael have made it their mission to teach their four-year-old son, Max, about emotions and inclusion.