Welcome to the International Academy of Collaborative Counseling and Coaching Education.

Established in January 2018, the International Academy of Collaborative Counseling and Coaching Education Inc. (IACCCE) is a public health, mental health, and sexual health education group. It provides digital, webinar, and live workshops, publications, and tools to the general public and to mental health professionals.


Educational topics focus on connection, intervention, and tools for enriching relationships, alternative dispute resolution, intimacy, holistic healthcare, sexuality, mental health, and leadership.

IACCCE is committed to innovative and high-quality products and services using the latest technology and tools that assist and support special populations in raising awareness and educating the general public, healthcare, and legal professionals. It is also committed to empowering the individual who desires insight and growth and to providing advocacy and resources when there are no others who can. Additionally, IACCCE helps educate and advocate for marginalized and special populations.

IACCCE’s core values represent its qualities; its beliefs and its aspiration to do its very best work in supporting a corporate culture of collaboration, connection, and compassion.

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