Triangulation in Relationships

Triangulation is a manipulation tactic where one person will not communicate directly with another person, instead using a third person to relay communication to the second, thus forming a triangle. Triangulation can destroy all kinds of relationships. Therapist Nicki discusses triangulation and it’s effect on relationships. HART Therapy Videos.


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What is a Treatment Plan?
A Treatment Plan An electronic or paper document that describes the patient's individualized diagnosis, strengths, disabilities, problem behaviors, needs, long-range goals, short-term goals, treatment interventions, and treatment providers. Every therapist has written a treatment plan, Therapist Nicki gives you her thoughts on the type of goal in treatment plans.
Therapist Nicki L.M.H.C.-Relationship and Sex Therapist
Posted by Therapist Nicki
I am Nicki Line L.M.H.C.  I am a Sex and Relationship therapist. I provide a safe space and aide your journey into deeper understanding of sexuality and intimacy.

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