Treating Trauma: 2 Ways to Help Clients Feel Safe, with Peter Levine

Posted on June 2, 2017 by Therapist Nicki

Peter Levine, PhD, offers 2 body-oriented techniques that clients can use to make themselves feel safe outside of your session. These are simple methods that you can immediately add to your toolbox for the treatment of trauma.

There are several psychotherapy techniques that can help clients with a trauma history feel more secure. But the problem is, the ring of safety which we create in our office can often disappear once the client steps out the door.

In this video, Dr. Levine will use the principles of somatic experiencing in two effective strategies your client can use to self-regulate, any place, any time.

This is important. Because one of the first things we need to do for clients who have experienced trauma is to resource them. We need to help them learn self-soothing tools for the times when they feel threatened. This alone can be one of the most critical steps for healing trauma.

The somatic techniques Peter Levine offers in this video can help your client if they struggle with sleeplessness or nightmares. They can also help to calm negative feelings and give the client a sense of boundary within their body.

Be sure to visit some of our other expert videos on the treatment of trauma, featuring Peter Levine as well as Bessel van der Kolk, MD, Pat Ogden, PhD, and many others.

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