Transactional Analysis 3: gimmicks

Third in a series on TA, offering some of the metaphors I think can be useful in conceptualising and dealing with interactions. This third video takes a closer look at gimmicks and some different perspectives they can be viewed from — including gimmicks as faulty rules, faulty roles and faulty definitions — and then possible ways out.
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Recommended TA texts:
1) Ian Stewart & Vann Joines: ‘TA Today: A New Introduction To Transactional Analysis’
2) Thomas A Harris: ‘I’m OK, You’re OK’
3) Eric Berne: ‘Games People Play’

videos in the series
TA1 — ego states and transactions

TA2 — games theory

TA3 — gimmicks
TA appendix i — YouTube games

TA appendix ii — religion

Posted on July 24, 2010 by Therapist Nicki

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