QUESTION TIME! Best Fidgets, Sensitivity, Budgeting, and Choosing a Career!

SO MANY QUESTIONS – tried to answer as many as I could, until I saw Edward’s hand getting tired.

(Use a tripod? What? That’s insufficiently impulsive!)

What do you guys think? Should we do more of these?


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Timecodes of Questions and Answers!

00:42 Nick W How do I become a more punctual person?

2:06 CricketStar: What are the best fidgets that don’t distract others?
The Tangle:

2:38 Alena Keene: What was your biggest struggle with ADHD as a kid?

3:46 Vincisomething: Advice for burnouts and sensory overload?

4:46 Morgan: Can inattentive brains still be hyper?

5:00 Sandvich Tsar: Can you be diagnosed with ADHD and something else?

5:19 Melanie Diaz: What do you tell someone when they say ADHD is just an excuse?

6:25 Unnati Kapoor: How do you choose the right career path?
(Link to Lydia X.Z. Brown: )
(Link to Brené Brown: )

8:52 LOLUnicorn: Is ADHD to blame for me being sensitive and emotional?
(Link to Emotional Dysregulation video: )
(Link to some of Dr. William Dodson’s writing on emotional dysregulation: )

9:14 Michelle Maloney: How do you deal with finances when you are a married couple?

10:06 Cecelia Morrisson: How long before you see improvement with medications?

10:52 Superbrain: Why are you so BUSY?!

12:56 Cool Kid Awesome: How can I stop procrastinating?

14:47 Lalah Battle: When is merch coming back?

15:11 Eldritch Dwarf: Can we have an entire video for question time every month?

“The Show Must Be Go”
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Posted on May 20, 2018 by Therapist Nicki

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