One Trait A Narcissist Wants Most From You

Posted on May 21, 2020 by Therapist Nicki

As narcissists interact with you, they are desperate for validation. Specifically, they have an abnormal yearning to be better than you, proving their superiority. With this in mind, psychotherapist Dr. Les Carter identifies one trait narcissists crave as they attempt to prop up their fragile egos at your expense. Once you are onto their antics, you can opt out of their self-serving thinking.

Dr. Les Carter is a best selling author and therapist who lives in Dallas, Tx. In the past 40 years he has conducted over 60,000 counseling sessions and many workshops and seminars. He specializes in anger management and narcissistic personality disorder.

Throughout the years, Dr. Carter has referred to many other therapists, and now (given the strong need and desire for online counseling) he has vetted a trusted sponsor who can assist. Please, if you need counseling take the initiative to get the help you deserve:

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