Monsters & Masturbation

Over the last year I’ve been compiling some of my thoughts on improving masturbation through simple mostly free suggestions. Then I decided I wanted to make a coloring book to accompany these ideas and drew, well, monsters to act out these tips for you. There are 40 pages to this magical little book each with a Dr. Doe style recommendation for enhancing self-stimulation. I’ve shared some of the book here but you can read and color the actual thing by going to, signing up to support our channel, and selecting the Masturbation Coloring Book perk from the options we’ve come up with to treat our fans.
Your book will be signed by me, Lindsey Doe, and come to your address in a basic manilla envelope. If you coloring the pages please share photos with us! I would love to see all the ways people collaborate with my art.

Posted on December 19, 2014 by Harmony Administrator

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