Monster Prom Simulation Dating

Monster Prom simulation dating, a multiplayer dating simulator, is diverse and hilarious. Firstly, you have the nightmare of High school and now you have 3 weeks to woo a prom date. This game provides multiple lessons in monster romance. But you may not learn the same lessons I did, because the playthroughs vary from player to player. They have a few secret endings. It follows typical dating sim logic: You only three weeks left until prom, and you have to make the monster of your dreams swoon for you. Otherwise you risk going stag to Spooky High School’s biggest shindig of the year. You have the choice of six suitors, from your typical jock werewolf, genocidal mermaid princess to a hipster vampire Instaphile and an undead thrill-seeker high on ecto-cocaine, constantly Yaaas-ing.

Therapist Nicki gives her commentary as she plays through a short game. Monster Prom simulation dating entertains Nicki and her friends for hours. If you enjoy this just subscribe to the Harmony Geek Therapy Twitch channel. Therapist Nicks plays simulation dating on Wednesday mornings. I hope to chat with you there.

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