Getting cheated on by a NARCISSIST vs. just getting cheated on


Saturday, May 30,2020 retreat (down Topanga Canyon):

These events are designed to help you do a deeper dive into your understanding and personal recovery from narcissistic abuse. The mental health profession has not identified this phenomenon yet which is separate from domestic violence and complex PTSD (though there may be significant overlap!). Many times people experiencing narcissistic abuse will have their concerns minimized, or even feel gaslighted by therapists and other healthcare providers. The tired recommendations of “communication,” “compromise,” and forgiveness do not apply in the world of narcissistic abuse, and this workshop is meant to take an honest look at narcissistic abuse and provide you with clarity and a plan to start your program of recovery.

For less than you would spend per hour for a consultation, you will get a program designed to address:
· Everything you want to know about narcissistic abuse
· Your specific vulnerabilities and suggestions on ways to protect yourself in the future
· Getting answers to your specific questions about narcissistic abuse answered
· Learn from other people’s experiences
· Personalized recovery toolkits

This is a different format than the usual seminar or Q and A session. This format is meant to foster sharing, discussion, openness. And remember – what happens in the retreat, stays in the retreat. The retreat is meant to foster an open and honest discussion in a safe space.

This retreat is designed for survivors from all types of narcissistic relationships:
· Partners/Spouses
· Parents
· Adult Children
· Colleagues/Bosses
· Friends

This retreat is NOT meant to be a substitute for clinical intervention including psychotherapy, it is meant to be educational and supportive. Referrals for therapists well-versed in narcissism will be available at the retreat.

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