Gender Affirming Surgeries

For anyone looking for guidance about their gender experience and decision making process I recommend BetterHelp. Here’s their site: to try online counseling today.

This episode has been in the making for years. I knew that I wanted to talk about the surgical ways that people transform their body’s related to gender and sexuality but how and when I did it took some time to determine.

This year Blake, a long time sexpla(i)naut and research assistant for the channel visited me in Missoula and we figured out a way to communicate this topic in a way that I think is very cool — terminology, experience, and resources for support.

Here is a list of the terms for reference:
Pre-op/pre-operation: before desired gender affirmation surgery
Post-op/post-operation: after desired gender affirmation surgery
No-op/no-operation: decided not to have gender affirmation surgery
Top surgery: operations on the chest to affirm gender
Mammoplasties/breast augmentation: surgical modification of the chest
Bottom surgery: operations on the genitals or reproductive organs
Hysterectomy: removal of a uterus and often the cervix
Oophorectomy: removal of one or more ovaries, often including the fallopian tubes
Orchiectomy: removal of one or more testicles
Penectomy: removal of a penis
Vaginectomy: surgical removal of a vaginal canal and the closing of the vaginal opening
Vaginoplasty: surgical creation of a vulva
Chondrolaryngoplasty/tracheal shave: type of facial feminization surgery in which the thyroid cartilage that protrudes in the neck (an Adam’s Apple) is shaved down with a scalpel to give it flatter appearance
Feminization laryngoplasty: changing the voice box and vocal cords of the larynx to raise the pitch of one’s voice

I hope you learn something useful and stay curious. If you have any questions or comments about the episode I usually read and respond in the comments section for an hour after uploading a video.

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Posted on December 13, 2018 by Therapist Nicki

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