Daddies (ft. Amp from Watts The Safeword)

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While on the Sexplanations Road Tour I was able to meetup with Amp from Watts the Safeword and record an episode in his magical dungeon studio about daddies. Sexual relationships where partners call each other mommy or daddy are an area of sexuality that challenged me. I associated the terminology with parents and their young children. It wasn’t comfortable for me to hear the word daddy coming from anyone who’d gone through puberty. And that’s okay. Those are my feelings, thoughts, and perceptions, it’s what I do with them that matters.

Amp and I have been internet friends for a while. I’ve recommended their channel multiple times as the go-to for kink sex ed and I respect their take on the world. When I got to the studio we did a video for WattsTheSafeword you can check out here:

And after that I knew I wanted to talk about my “daddy” issues with Amp. I hope that you enjoy the conversation and consider talking out something that challenges you with a friend or a professional.

For more Amp check out WattsTheSafeword



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Posted on February 27, 2019 by Therapist Nicki

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