A Real Life Checklist For Identifying Narcissism

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Textbooks and manuals will identify ingredients to help you know what narcissism is, focusing on traits like high control, low empathy, entitlement, and so forth. After 40 years experience of working with narcissists, psychotherapist Dr. Les Carter has compiled a list of 20 real life identifiers of narcissism that go beyond the textbooks. His down-to-earth definitions for narcissism can help you know even more clearly what narcissism truly is. (An accompanying article on his web site will list these 20 traits and offer fuller explanation.)

Dr. Les Carter is a best selling author and therapist who lives in Dallas, Tx. In the past 40 years he has conducted over 60,000 counseling sessions and many seminars and workshops. He specializes in anger management and treating narcissistic personality disorder.

Article from web site that matches this video: https://survivingnarcissism.tv/the-narcissist-checklist/
Dr. Carter’s personal website: https://drlescarter.com/

Bookstore: https://survivingnarcissism.tv/books-on-narcissism-surviving-narcissism/

Dr. Carter’s online video workshops on narcissism, anger management, and overcoming infidelity: http://drlescarter.com/video-workshops/

Dr. Carter’s other YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/drlescarter

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