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ARTISTS (every piece was number on screen in the lower right hand corner!) Thanks SO much for these rad contributions!
1 @brittabarracade (insta)
2 Dan @dan.tbh (insta)
3 @robot.socks (insta)
4 Cody
5 @ladyeren (insta)
6 @juri_nanuk (insta)
7 @jimjam.draws (insta)
8 @sketchygirl_art (insta)
9 @pomagradient (insta)
10 Beth @nyghtshade_cosplay (insta)
11 Miles Turner @milesturnerartist (insta)
12 Laura Pecchi @lau.ilustracion (insta)
13 Janne Soete
14 Anetta
15 Simon (youtube channel)
16 Spark Mendes
17 Мария Литвинова @immary_fox (insta)
18 Nate Rivers @nat_rivs (insta)
19 Auster picsart.com/upsidedownsmiles
20 Devon Short
21 Jade Fahie-Marshall @A.Parade.Called.Jade
22 Pen Write
23 Bella Mouse @fresboart (insta)
24 Nerea Fernandez Alvarez
25 Sophia @_sophiafrancis_ (insta)
26 Jackie Elsner
27 Megan Barry @megolas_art (insta)
28 Megan Barry @megolas_art (insta)
29 Cameron Flores
30 Thomas SuGj
31 Anonymous
32 Kylie Roeder
33 Dan @dan.tbh (insta)
34 Jesús Saz @salixinsta (insta)
35 Emily Weaver
36 Selma @a.mles (insta)
37 May Kearney maykearney.myportfolio.com
38 Raphael deviantart.com/misspunnypuns
39 Britta Carson @brittabarricade (insta)
40 Aren MacLaughlin
41 Daniel Stevenson
42 Christopher Robinson @_queercatdad_ (insta)
43 Cody
44 Ellie Wolcott
45 Jasmine Chilton @marvellousjazart (insta)
46 Cris Woessner @criswoe_artist (insta)
47 Catie De Mesa catiesai.crevado.com
48 Ангелина Бирюкова cinna-art.tumblr.com
49 Ellie Seikel @EllieRoseScribbles (insta)
50 Jess Wallace @jessfaithwallace (insta) FaithPixel (youtube)
51 booksinthecorners.tumblr.com
52 Dan @_tsarbucks (insta)
53 Chris Machinski @chriscoccolith (insta)
christinamachinski.com (website)

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Posted on July 27, 2018 by Therapist Nicki

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