Domestic Violence And Depression

More and more people are reporting incidents of domestic violence to the police. If you are a victim of domestic violence you will be aware of just how frightening it can be. The question that many people ask is what are the causes of this violence, is the person just a lunatic or are there …

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“Seduction Techniques” – Are They For Losers?

Imagine that you are already in your college days and still you can’t find a date. Or even asking someone for a date is a misery for you. In short, you find it hard to approach women and lacks confidence in yourself. Seduction techniques in this new millennium are on the rise. Seduction techniques can …

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Adult ADD: Are You A “Fire” Fighter?

In business, we refer to the word “fires,” a lot of times. These are fires that happen,not literal fires, but things that need to be taken care of. A fire could anything that someone else thinks is really important and they come to you, and try to throw it on you as your problem because …

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