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  • First Haircuts!

    Date: July 7, 2015

    Today was a big day for my girls, they both got their first “real haircuts”. Not only was it time for them both to get a cute cut, but this was another step in my efforts to simplify our lives. For the past month, I have been working on different ways to simplify the way … Continue reading →

  • You know you're an abuse survivor when...

    Date: July 7, 2015

    weofmanyminds: assbatsandsparklythings: the-eel-barak-obama: the-sun-shines-even-in-winter: paper-lily: hellagayadrian: rosalinevex: greg-zeppelin: thecinderthorne: openblogtomyabusivemother: Finish the sentence. Write a bunch of sentences after that if you want. Reblogging this will work. Liking this will work. Messaging me will not work. Email me at You are too afraid to fall asleep at night because that’s when the nightmares come. you can’t see your siblings because then you’ll have to see /her/ You want nothing more than to leave her house, but you worry for your siblings once you’re gone. Everytime you make a mistake, you hear the abuser’s taunting voice in your head. That you’ll afraid your lose your temper and hit your kid for the littlest reason. That You flinch because someone moves to quickly in your general direction and you think theyre going to hit you. When you fall into the same habits even when you arent around them. When you try to make yourself invisible in certain crowds of people. When you make a mistake and you ...

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